Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Electronic Nose Application to Rapidly Detect Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaged ground camel Meat Spoilage            0000-00-00
2    Study on quality characteristics of camel burger and evaluating its stability during frozen storage    M.Sc.    Heydari, Fatemeh    2011-02-01
3    Determination of the Chemical Composition and Influence of Gender and Slaughter Condition on Physicochemical and Sensorial Characteristics of Ostrich Meat    Ph.D    baghaei, homa    2011-03-02
4    The Effect of Ozone and Organic Acids on reduction of Microbial contamination of Poultry Carcass.    M.Sc.    kazemi Taskooh, Naeimeh    2011-03-07
5    Application of Rapid Electronic Nose Method to Detect Onset of Spoilage in Kilka Fish    M.Sc.    vajdi, meisam    2011-05-24
6    Evalution of Physicochemical Characteristics of Three Iranian Barberry Species and Degradation Kinetic of Anthocyanins in their Extract.    M.Sc.    farhadi, muhammad    2012-03-12
7    : Effect of Roasting, Soaking and Blanching Treatments on Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of sesame milk    M.Sc.    ahmadian koochaksaraei, zahra    2012-03-13
8    Effect of wheat flour, soy flour and water on the quality characteristics of hamburger    M.Sc.    gholamzadeh virani, maryam    2012-03-13
9    An investigation in relationship between proteome and some quality properties of camel meat    Ph.D    Zahedi Dizaj Yekan, Younes    2012-11-20
10    Extraction Optimisation of the Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum L.) Protein Isolate, and Evaluation of It’s Functional Properties    M.Sc.    feyzi, samira    2013-01-22
11    Title: Effect of wheat and sugar beet dietary fiber on the physicochemical and sensory properties of cocktail sausage    M.Sc.    GHobadi, Mohammad    2013-03-05
12    A Study on the Effect of pH, Salt Concentration and Pasteurization Temperature on the Serum Separation of Doogh (Iranian Yoghurt Drink)    M.Sc.    DEHGHAN DEHNAVI, MOjTABA    2013-04-16
13    A Study on the Effect of Solvent on Polyphenols Concentration and Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Pomegranate Flower (Ponica granatum L.) Extract.    M.Sc.    yousefi, zahra    2013-04-16
14    On the possibility of detecting bone particles in the chicken paste by digital radiography and CT scan    Ph.D    hosseini, seyed mohammad    2013-11-24
15    Effect of Verjuice on the Physicochemical and Texture Properties of Beef Biceps femoris Muscle    M.Sc.    sabzi, fereshteh    2014-04-15
16    Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Vacuum on Protein, Lipid and Colour Oxidation of Ground Camel Meat    M.Sc.    sharifpour, ma    2014-04-22
17    Effect of Frequency and Time on the Osmotic Dehydration of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Arils Using Ultrasound    M.Sc.    nasiri, motahareh    2014-04-22
18    Evaluation the effect of osmotic pretreatment and various drying methods (oven, vacuum and compound ultrasound-vacuum) on the physicochemical characteristics of ostrich meat    Ph.D    naybandi atashi, sahar    2015-01-06
19    Optimization of whey less feta cheese production and evaluation of the effects of pomegranate juice on its physicochemical, microbiological and sensory properties.    Ph.D    lashkari, hannan    2015-02-02
20    Optimization of the extrusion process snack products containing Bene Cake-flour and possibility of using its oil in coating    Ph.D    fiuzy, behnam    2015-02-02
21    Optimization of the wheat thermal process and study its effect on the characteristics of the flour used in preparing Batter Chicken nugget    M.Sc.    sharifzadeh, nastaran    2015-03-11
22    Investigation the effect of substitution cow milk with sesame milk on physicochemical and sensory characteristics of yogurt during cold storage    M.Sc.    nematolahi, adeleh    2015-03-11
23    The effect of fat replacement by Aloe vera gel on physical, chemical, technological and sensory properties of German sausage    M.Sc.    kianiani, shakiba    2015-03-11
24    A study on the effect of Shirazi thyme (Zataria multiflora) essential oil on the shelf-life of refrigerated rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillets    M.Sc.    Miri, Mehrnoosh    2015-05-12
25    A study on the effect of different organic acids on the physicochemical, textural and sensory properties of camel meat    Ph.D    irajifar, mahsan    2015-06-13
26    Proteomics and metabolomics study of Olive (Olea europea L.) fruit ripening effect on some phenolic compounds of Mary and Shengeh cultivars and introduction of protein biomarkers    Ph.D    kaviani, mehdi    2015-06-14
27    Optimization of extrusion process and investigation of functional and physicochemical properties of extruded products from whole wheat flour- and defatted sesame flour    M.Sc.    tayebi, mona    2015-06-30
28    Ultrasound-assisted extraction of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) seed gum and evaluation of its functional, rheological and antioxidant properties    Ph.D    ghobadi, elnaz    2015-10-13
29    Effect of thawing by high voltage electrostatic field on frozen mutton quality and energy consumption (measurement and modeling)    Ph.D    behfar, somayyeh    2016-01-04
30    An investigation on the effect of fish protein powder, frying method and post frying process on physicochemical, mass transfer and micro structure of chicken nugget.    Ph.D    HEYDARI, FATEMEH    2016-01-04
31    Encapsulation of hop compounds lupulon and xanthohumol: Investigation of the potential of them as Substitute of nitrite used in Cocktail sausage    Ph.D    Khatib, Neda    2016-01-05
32    The effect of chestnut (Quercus. Brantii) flour on the physicochemical, sensory and oxidative properties of burger    M.Sc.    salar karimi, vahideh    2016-03-15
33    Evaluation effect of extrusion variables on physicochemical, functional & sensory properties of extrudate khollar ( lathyrus sativus) & extrudateʼs flour    M.Sc.    akbarzade, nastaran    2016-03-15
34    Evaluation Different Levels of Ginger and Starter culture effects on Biodiversity of Lactic flora of Fermented Carrot    M.Sc.    Goharjoo, MohammadEbrahim    2016-03-15
35    Evaluation of the different levels of Ginger and yoghurt whey on Physicochemical and Sensory properties of Fermented Carrot (sour carrot)    M.Sc.    zhandari, fatemeh    2016-03-15
36    Evaluation of carrot slices phenolic enhancement using ultrasound - osmosis treatment in Roselle extract and determining the optimum hot air drying conditions    M.Sc.    malekiayask, mohammad    2016-04-12
37    A Comparison on the effects of essential oil of rosemary, sage, marjoram and cloves on the chemical, sensory and antioxidative properties of chicken nuggets    M.Sc.    Ghasemi, Bahram    2016-07-05
38    Mathematical Modelling of PM-MAP and Investigation the Effect of Calcium Lactate and Cysteine and the Kind of Packaging on Quality of Fresh-Cut Romaine Lettuce and Determination its Shelf-life.    Ph.D    salemi, bahareh    2016-09-27
39    Optimization of Formulation of Fruit Cocktail based on Carrot (Daucus carota), Barberry (Berberis vulgaris), Apple (Golden Delicious) with Using Xanthan Gum and Investigation of Optimum Formula Properties During Storage    M.Sc.    farrokhi, marzieh    2016-12-27
40    Formulation of Sauce based on Pomegranate Concentrate, Barberry and Red beet: Evaluation It’s Physicochemical, Rheological and Sensory Properties    M.Sc.    keshmiri, hedieh    2016-12-27
41    Effect of Cold plasma on Physicochemical and Microbial Properties of Saffron    M.Sc.    akbarian, maryam    2017-01-31
42    A Study on the physicochemical and functional characteristics of palm kernel flour (qasb variety) and its possible application in burgers    M.Sc.    esmailzadeh ashini, samira    2017-01-31
43    Barberry Gummy Candy's (Pastille or Gel Mac) Formulation and evaluation Of Santan and Agar Hydrocolloids effect on Physicochemical and Sensory Properties    M.Sc.    Rastgoo, Zohreh    2017-01-31
44    The effect of fat replacement by Aloe vera gel on physicochemical, technological and sensory properties of low fat spreadable process cheese    M.Sc.    Seddighi, Danial    2017-01-31
45    An investigation on the effect of substitution cow milk with sesame milk on physicochemical and sensory characteristics of sesame wheyless cheese during cold storage    M.Sc.    alhasan, fayza    2017-03-07
46    Evaluation of the Effects the Different Factors on Apple (Golden delicious) Powder Producting by Foam Mat Drying    M.Sc.    Hadree, Jouhaina    2017-03-07
47    Optimization of herbal tea mix dandelion leaves, green tea, hibiscus and cinnamon mix formulation    M.Sc.    daraeepoor, sepideh    2018-01-02
48    Diagnosis of ( E.coli O157 H7) in the slaughered Chickens in the (Karbala_Iraq) region by using a PCR technique.    M.Sc.    ALKHAZAAL, AHMED    2018-02-13
49    Optimization of Fat Replacement with Aloe Vera Gel in the Formulation of Low-fat Mayonnaise    M.Sc.    akbari govarchin galeh, maryam    2018-03-06
50    Isolation and Identification of Yellow Spot Causing Microbial Agents on Chicken Sausages Based on Culture and Molecular Methods    M.Sc.    soradeghi toopkanloo, atefeh    2018-04-24
51    Evaluation of the non-thermal plasma effects on the physicochemical, structural and functional properties of chitosan gum    Ph.D    abbasi myone, arezoo    2019-03-07